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Vote for thomas p johnson III for judge
Vote for thomas p johnson III for judge
Thomas P. Johnson III is an attorney with 26 years of experience, he is licensed in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Louisiana. Also, Thomas P. Johnson III has represented clients in administrative, federal and state proceedings. Now Thomas P. Johnson III is ready to represent equality and justice as a Circuit Court Judge for Montgomery County.
Through both professional and personal interactions, JOHNSON is known for his integrity and commitment. In addition to his experience and knowledge of law, JOHNSON brings patience, compassion, open-mindedness and common sense to the courtroom. Untainted by special interest groups, JOHNSON will conduct his court without any pre-conceived implicit or explicit biases. JOHNSON’s decisions will be fair and equitable to all who come before him. Also, He is invested in the education and heatlh of the younger generation. In order to not repeat previous mistakes of others he vows to make sure that mental-health providers are available to juvenile offenders with mental health issues.

As a Judge Mr JOHNSON will bring:

  1. Fairness
  2. respect for all who come before him
  3. no implicit or explicit biases

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