Write-in Candidate for circuit Court Judge

Thomas P.Johnson, III

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Thomas P. Johnson III is an attorney with 26 years of experience. He is licensed in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Louisiana. Thomas P. Johnson III has represented clients in administrative, federal and state proceedings. Now Thomas P. Johnson III is ready to represent equality and justice as a Circuit Court Judge for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Write-in Candidacy (Not on the Ballot)

Through both professional and personal interactions, JOHNSON is known for his integrity and commitment. In addition to his experience and knowledge of law, JOHNSON brings patience, compassion, open-mindedness and common sense to the courtroom. Untainted by special interest groups, JOHNSON will conduct his court without any pre-conceived implicit or explicit biases. JOHNSON’s decisions will be fair and equitable to all who come before him. Johnson is invested in the education and health of the younger generation. He vows to make sure that mental-health providers are available to juvenile offenders. As a Judge Mr JOHNSON will bring:

  • Fairness
  • respect for all who come before him
  • no implicit or explicit biases


  1. Thomas P. Johnson, III did NOT receive the endorsement of Montgomery County Police Union. He Advised Police Union officers would be treated like any ordinary citizen. NO QUALIFIED IMMUNITY.
  2. Thomas P. Johnson, III is the only candidate that has successfully litigated against police officers for misconduct.
  3. All four, Republican appointed, sitting judges received Montgomery County Police Union’s endorsement. All believe in qualified immunity.
  4. Police qualified immunity is based on bench precedent, not legislative law (1982). It was drafted by a federal judge that allows a police officer to determine when his or her life is threatened. A police officer can act spontaneously in making a decision to use lethal force against an individual. It is the police union which supports police officers in their decision making to use lethal force. A police chief does not have the authority to override the decision of the police union.
  5. I am the only candidate running for judge that has been a high school teacher. The black population in Montgomery County High Schools is approximately 15%, while nearly 90% of the students that are arrested by safety officers, are black males. Most of the safety officers have been trained in law enforcement. They do not have training in education. The students attending private schools have access to mental health care professionals on site, but not public schools. Instead of expulsion, why not therapy or counseling?
  6. Thomas P. Johnson, III is the only candidate running for judge whose campaign is self-funded.
  7. All four sitting judges contend they have gone through the vetting process. This is supposed to qualify them over the other candidates. The four sitting judges were all endorsed by personal friends, members of the various bar associations who “vet” them and had friends on Governor Hogan’s commission.
  8. I will be a community judge actively working for judicial and police reform.
  9. None of the four sitting judges have been involved in the African- American communities. One of the judges stated during a group forum that a black crack drug dealer had written him a personal letter of thanks. Why identify the individual by race? Are blacks the only crack dealers? Was he actually trying to cite this letter as a “success” for the African American community?
  10. The four sitting judges have lived in Montgomery County on average for more than 25 years. They have done nothing to advance the careers of black males. There has not been a black male serving as judge on Montgomery County in 6 years.
  11. I am asking my supporters: please send a message to the four sitting Montgomery County Circuit Court Judges. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. Their tenure is equivalent to Donald Trump’s appointments.
  12. I feel that individuals MUST have access to mental health care.
  13. I do not believe in bonds for non violent crimes.
  14. I believe in keeping families together under normal circumstances, except, of course, when an abuser must be removed from the house in situations of mental and physical abuse.
  15. I am a Democrat and will be supporting former Vice President Joe Biden for President.
  16. As a progressive community judge, I am coming to you for support. Do something disruptive!

Write-in Thomas P johnson III for Circuit Court Judge for Montgomery County.

All messaging on this website approved by Thomas P. Johnson III Circuit Court Judicial Committee

All messaging on this website approved by Thomas P. Johnson III Circuit Court Judicial Committee

Treasurer: Emily J. Bowman